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What Is Repointing?

We remove the current mortar from the bed joints, we power wash the joints to make sure all left over mortar is removed, then we fill the joints with mortar and wait till it is temporarely set, we will then brush the joints to remove any surplus mortar.

What Product Is Used?

G.P Brickwork recommend the use of a masonary water sealer to protect the new, exsisting brickwork and pointing from damaging effects from natural causes.

Is Repointing Necessary?

Aside from helping to hold up your house, mortar protects against water ingress and.helps stop heat loss through the walls. After rain, water will freeze within the bricks and surrounding mortar, expanding and causing damage. This freeze-thaw weathering doesn't look smart and ignoring damaged or substandard mortar could lead to a damp and.cold house.


Does My Brickwork Need Repointing?

If you can see gaps in the mortar surrounding bricks, it’s time to think about repointing.Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

Professional Service

Offering a great professional service as well as high quality products is our top priority, our services are second to none.

Top Quality Products

To ensure top quality products we purchase only the best parts and equipment for every job, this guarantees that our products have been tested and comply with all legislations.

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